Kitesurf school in Brazil

Here a list of a few nice spots and kitesurf schools in Brazil…

windguru Caiupe

Brazil has 7500 km of coastline and as many potential kitesurf spots! Only a small part of these beaches offer necessary conditions to make Brazil one of the most important places of kite in the world.
It is possible to practice practically anywhere in Brazil, provided that the beach allows it (no obstacle, steady wind, safe area …), but we will focus on a small part of the coast, the one that we Interested most for these wind statistics : Ceará in the North East region.

A large part of the kitesurfers riding in Brazil are tourists. They come from abroad and spend a few days / weeks here. Their expectations are many, change of scenery, kite in an ocean at 30 ° C, a diversity of spots (flat, waves) and … wind every day!

On a small strip of the Brazilian coastline of about 450km, these conditions are met. Indeed, from Fortaleza to Barra Grande, from July to January, the wind blows every day and guarantees you a daily session.

Leaving Fortaleza and going up, the wind gets stronger. In Cumbuco, we will have 15-20 knots, Icaraizinho 20-30 knots, Jericoacoara 30 knots ++ (perfect for windsurfing).